Custom Bobbleheads: Bulk Order Get More Discount
Custom Bobbleheads: Bulk Order Get More Discount



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1. Is it possible for you to do ...?

    Yes, If you can imagine it, we can make it. Just give us your detail comments and photos, we can sculpt anything as long as you can imagine. see our fully customized section.
Also for the Pre-made Bodies, you can change the clothing colors, remove/add extra item such as sunglasses and hats.  

2.How long must I wait for my bobbleheads?

If you need your bobblehead by a certain date, note us on the commment box. We will do our best to meet your deadline.


(1.) Receive it within 35 days(Custom Bobbleheads Production Time + DHL Shipping Time) and costs $9.9 for the first doll and $6.8 for each additional doll.


(2.) Receive it within 21 days(Custom Bobbleheads Production Time + Shipping Time) and costs $17.9 for the first doll and $6.8 for each additional doll.

(3.) Receive it within 15 days(Custom Bobbleheads Production Time + Shipping Time) and costs $29.9 for the first doll and $6.8 for each additional doll.

(4.) Receive it within 10 days(Custom Bobbleheads Production Time + Shipping Time) and costs $39.9 for the first doll and $6.8 for each additional doll.

(5.) Receive it within 7 days(Custom Bobbleheads Production Time + Shipping Time) and costs $49.9 for the first doll and $6.8 for each additional doll.


Deluxe orders depend, in part, on your response to in-process photos, so the time frame may be longer.

3. How much will my bobbleheads cost?

Our single bobbleheads dolls start at $60 and generally cost between $45 -$99, including standard delivery. A few of the more intricate dolls (custom-body doll, car, motorcycle, pet) are more expensive. We charge small additional fees of $3-$7 for add-on items like tattoos, glasses and hats.

4. How do I place a Large Order?

We offer discounts if you order more than 3 identical bobbleheads. Please refer to the discount table.

Orders of 100 or more dolls receive an additional discount. Please send us for an immediate quote on email if you would like to place an order of more than 100 pieces.

We also offer a smaller discount for orders of 15 or more different dolls - particularly if they all use the same body style. Please call to discuss discounts.

Choose Deluxe service when you order. For large orders, we always send you photo proofs of the doll; we make required changes until you are satisfied with the doll's appearance.

You will see your proof within 24-48 hours. For orders of 100 or more, you do not pay a penny until you are completely satisfied with your completed model. There is no modeling fee or setup charge.

We require a 50% payment once you have approved the proof of the doll.

Corporate customers may pay by check based on our purchase order. However, we do require pre-authorization for 50% of the total order amount on a credit card before we start working. The pre-authorized credit card will not be charged as long as we receive payment within 30 days of delivery.

We have by far the fastest turnaround time in the business.

On large orders up to 100 pieces, we can usually deliver within 3-4 weeks.

On orders over 100+ pieces, we can deliver in 4-5 weeks with air shipping and 3 months with sea shipping.

Please call us for more details if you need a rapid turnaround.

We quote your prices including shipping and handle the logistics for you. Do not be fooled by low prices that do not include shipping. We tell you exactly what you will pay for your delivered dolls, and we handle the logistics for you.

 5. What photographs should I send?
    Generally, we need just 2 good quality and clear photographs of the individual needed to be sculpted on the bobbleheads – 1 front-view and 1 side-view.
The output of the bobbleheads depends on the quality of the photograph. Therefore, we always recommend that the photograph should have a smiling face or with some unique facial expression. We strongly advise against sending us wedding photos or artistic photos that use soft lenses, but lack in facial details.

6. I don’t have a side profile. I only have a front picture. Is that ok?
A: Yes, we can use only the front picture as long as it is a good, straight-on head shot. The person’s head should NOT be tilted or turned in any direction and is eye-level with the camera.

7.What are in-process photo proofs?

In-process photo proofs allow you to see photos of your doll in-process and suggest changes to us to improve its appearance.  If you select this service, you will automatically receive an email link to your account where photos of your doll are uploaded for you to review.  Once your doll has been sculpted you may accept it to move on to the next step (painting) or you may suggest changes.  If you suggest changes, you will receive another set of updated photos after changes have been made and may choose to accept or correct again. At this stage you receive unlimited rounds of corrections free of charge.
Once you accept the sculpted head (and body in the case of a custom-head-to-toe) we will then paint the doll and send you photos.  The process repeats itself in terms of unlimited rounds of corrections.  You will only be charged a $25 fee if you choose to have the doll resculpted completely at this stage.
Once you have accepted the painted doll, we pack it up and ship it to you.

8.What will my bobblehead look like?

We hand paint the doll to match your exact specifications, whether it is a high school baseball uniform, a corporate logo, or a detailed tattoo. We will paint as close a replica as we can, but some small images may be too tiny on the doll itself to allow much detail.

Either provide pictures of the body colors and decorations you would like or describe them in the Special Instructions box on the Order Form.

If none of those are what you want, we also offer a completely custom body type. We have made hundreds of different body styles, so we can definitely create the style you are looking for!

The custom-body doll is sculpted by hand to meet your specifications. You can have us match the pose, clothing and accessories for the body either from a photograph or a detailed description.

Either provide pictures of the body style you would like or describe it in the Special Instructions box on the Order Form.

9.When is there a proofing process?

Proofing is available to you at no charge on all standard body bobbleheads and fully customizable bobbleheads with 'Standard' Sculpting and 'Fast' Sculpting options.  Proofing is not available on our 'Faster' Sculpting and 'Fastest' Sculpting options because of the time the proofing process adds to the production schedule.  Please keep in mind that the ship date of your doll is directly affected by the amount of changes required on your bobblehead.

10.Will I be notified when my order ships?

YES! After your order has been shipped, we will send you an email shipping notice, confirming that your package has been sent to you. The email will also provide you with a Tracking Number.

11. I’m uploading a picture, do I still have to choose the hair, eye and skin color?

A: Yes. Sometimes we receive black and white pictures. Or the lighting in the picture can make the person’s hair look darker/lighter than it really is. Most of the time we cannot tell what eye color the person has. And for several other reasons, we feel it best to leave the guess work out and ask our customers to tell us what color to paint the bobble head.

12.Can you make bobblehead dolls of famous people?

 Generally, we cannot make dolls of any person who profits from their own image, including professional athletes, musicians and actors. However, we are allowed to make dolls of political figures and of NCAA athletes, since their creation would not infringe upon current US parody laws.