Custom Bobbleheads: Bulk Order Get More Discount
Custom Bobbleheads: Bulk Order Get More Discount

Why Choose Us


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Why choose us

1.No middleman: As a bobbleheads manufactory, all of your bobblehead dolls were handsculpted by our talented artists. All of your bobbleheads were customized by your ideas to make it more personalized. Just upload photo(s) to us, our artist won’t let you down.
2.High quality & low price: As a factory with many years’ experience in making bobbleheads, we can supply you the more high quality bobblehead than other bobblehead makers, meanwhile the price of us is lower than them. What are you waiting for!
3.Bobblehead making period is shorter: Why? For we have our design center, once you place the order, we make your bobblehead right now. No middleman here, just directly to make your own bobblehead doll.
4.Quickly & Professionally Shipping: Our shipping was done fast & professionally by DHL/ UPS. Once the completed bobbleheads confirmed, you will receive your doll in 2-3 days. If you need your dolls to make by urgent, Bobbleheadsme is your best choice!


What is the most special gift for the people you love?-Custom Bobblehead.

Yes,it's Custom Bobblehead.100% handmade bobblehead would be a unique gift.

Bobblehead custom made gifts always stays ever green and brings fond memories and joy every time you see it.

Bobblehead gifts are ageless, timeless and can suit any occasion or any theme. Whether it be graduations, anniversaries, retirements, Bar Mitzvahs, or weddings, you can’t go wrong with a bobblehead doll from 

Our special teams of expert artisans can create similar look alike Bobblehead just for the right person and for the perfect occasion. Business executives, sportsmen, artists and pets Bobblehead gifts with different themes and styles are the specialty and the secret of our success.

Gift a Bobblehead today and be ensured that you will be remembered forever. Normal gifts are generally thrown away, given off or boxed up for good, in time. But our Bobblehead gifts will be displayed and will win the appreciation from all people at all times.

Put your bespoke bobblehead in your home on a desk or shelf, in the car on the dashboard, your business bobblehead in the office on your desk or break room, your basketball bobblehead in your school locker or anywhere you want to be reminded to smile and remember the good 

Best Quality & Likeness